BST Renovations

Bolton Swim and Tennis is considering renovations to the facility. The BST Board of Governors is eager to hear from BST members about the proposed suite of renovations and what aspects of the facility you would like improved. BST has established a space for comments, which will be able to be read by the rest of the membership.

To comment, please visit this site.

To read the comments others have provided, please visit this site.

The BST Board of Governors and members discussed the proposed renovations at BST's annual meeting on July 21, 2016. The minutes for that meeting, which include a summary of the conversation, may be reviewed here.


A committee of BST members, including Board members and others, has worked with architects and builders to consider options for upgrading BST's facility. The vision for the project includes...

Bath house upgrade and ADA compliance with connectivity to larger campus
Renovate/upgrade quality of interiors
Add pantry (non-commercial kitchen)
Add family bathroom
Covered exterior space
Increased storage on both levels
Possible creation of multi-function space, including exercise facility
Upgrade guard office and security at entrance

The potential scope of the project includes extensive site work, reconfiguration of bath house and addition of second building. Additional work could include...

Extensive renovation to existing bath house
Addition for ADA/family bathroom
Replace playground level storage shed
Upgrade existing façade and roof
Encapsulate existing bathhouse roof and cantilever
Second building added with new guard office, ADA/family bath, second story community space and storage
Building extension with enclosed pantry and storage
Addition of impervious roofing at arbor
Addition of enclosed pantry
ADA accessible entrance ramp with interconnectivity to upper and lower levels and improved entrance security

An initial estimate for undertaking the majority of the work is $1.2 million. To pay for a renovation of this scale to the facility over 15 years, the Board has been presented with the following scenario as an option:

1.     Increase the membership by 13, bring the total membership to 360.
2.     Increase BST's stock price by $500.  Members would recoup this payment when they close their membership.
3.     Increase annual dues by $414 for a family, $345 for a dual membership, and $276 for single for a period of 15 years.
4.     Increase annual dues by another $50 to $100 per membership for taxes, insurance, and other costs.

These increases would result in the following annual dues levels:

                       First Year                        Next 14 Years
Family             $1,814 to $1,864           $1,314 to $1,364
Dual                $1,630 to $1,680           $1,130 to $1,180
Single              $1,441 to $1,501           $951 to $1,001

Current annual dues for BST are $625 for an individual membership, $735 for a dual membership, and $850 for a family membership.