Board of Governors

BST's Board of Governors is elected by the membership during BST’s annual meeting.  Board members serve for three years. Board meetings are open to the membership, although only board members are allowed to vote. For additional information about the governance of the club, please contact the board president at

Term Expiring 2020      Term Expiring 2021      Term Expiring 2022
Eric Harley Vanessa Bliss Michael Booth*
Jon Kaplan John Canale Ashley Chertkof+
Jennifer Labellarte Les DelPizzo Karen Graveline
John Lisch Joe Horvath+# James Johnston
Carl Scaglione Naomi Klarner Sallye Perrin
Claudia Sennett Lynne Menefee Michelle Polley Smith
Susan Sperry+ Jonathan Mogol Michael Weiss^

* - President
+ - Vice President
^ - Treasurer
# - Counsel